Coconut Kefir Harvest

Making coconut kefir sounds complicated at first...but once you try it out...you will see that it's not as complicated as it looks...it may require several steps to harvest your creation, but the reward is worth the time invested....and it's so nutritious!  Below are some pictures showing how I harvested our homemade batch once it was ready and then how I used it with other food....

First you need a plastic strainer, I guess kefir grains do not like metal, so you will also need a plastic or wooden spoon to push the creaminess through the strainer....push!!!

Sometimes it's super thick, but keep pushing!!

Once you pushed hard enough, voila! You have fresh and nutritious coconut kefir to devour!  Ours tasted very much like sour cream....

Then I made some purple polenta using blue cornmeal and water...it's done super fast....I highly recommend polenta for those days when you don't have much time to cook but need something filling in your tummy....

Then I crushed up some Brazil nuts with raw garlic....tastes like parmesan!

Sprinkled some of Ofelia's homemade pomegranate molasses....

And bon appetit!

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  1. ’ve been making coconut kefir (from canned Thai Kitchen coconut milk) for a couple months now, and I actually just put my grains in a jar (without rinsing them off) and pop them in the fridge like that. No moo (or baa) milk added.

    Other family members have been making kefir with our raw goat’s milk for a few years now and do think the grains stay more ‘active’ if you store them in milk.

    I’ve also read kefir grains cannot be sustained on coconut milk, however I’ve had no problems with it. In fact it just seems like they’ve been working better and better as time has gone on.

    I think it would certainly be worth experimenting with it!

    irene of Photo Booth NC