Volunteering for Bunnies at LBCC!!!

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Yesterday was my first day volunteering at the bunny shelter located at LBCC Long Beach City College. I arrived at the shelter and was greeted by Donna Prindle, the caring leader of the group....She showed me around the shelter, introduced me to other volunteers and of course, the bunnies...We then started cleaning out their cages, feeding them pellets and changing their bedding and water....I couldn't believe it when she told me that they clean the cages every day...there are over 70 bunnies there!! That is a lot of cages and a lot of work.....It was a very fun experience, full of licks and some bites....the funnest part was when I got to cuddle with the bunnies...especially the little one....

So how do most of these bunnies end up there? Many inexperienced bunny owners drop them off and abandon them on campus...mostly after getting them from pet stores....w/o any training as to what the bunnies need and how to take care of them.....Easter time doesn't help either, as many parents get bunnies for their kids thinking they are cute at first and then realize the work involved.....these bunnies have not been neutered/spayed, therefore they reproduce....every 28 days they can have a new litter of around 8-12 bunnies....my goodness! Some of the female bunnies that show up at the shelter are already pregnant! I got to meet one of the bunny mom's and her 8 little ones, the cutest and softest creatures ever!!

Besides their cages being cleaned every day by volunteers, they get to hop around in play pins and receive a lot of love and cuddling time....their diets are pretty healthy too....they are fed veggie pellets, fresh apples, carrots and a bouquet of cilantro, kale, dandelion greens and parsley...while feeding them I was getting hungry myself! The shelter also takes care of neutering/spaying the bunnies so the population stays under control, thank goodness!

The bunnies at LBCC are in such good hands and it was a pleasure to be there and see how many caring people we have in our community.....next time I must bringing my camera so then I have pictures and videos to share with you all!

The shelter needs to find homes for these little guys and gals...and can always use more volunteer hands to help care for them as well. If you are interested in either of the above, please contact Donna Prindle at 562-938-4356 dprindle@lbcc.edu

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