Tripti Kulai et Sri Chinmoy

Last last weekend we visited the town of Montpellier....beautiful town with historic center, botanical garden, museums and lots of cute streets with stores to explore. We arrived on Saturday, checked into the hotel and walked around town....for lunch we stopped at an Indian restaurant called Restaurant Le Rajasthan ...inside, the setting resembles that of the 17th century, the furniture comes directly from the Rajasthan region which is rich in tradition. We shared the baigan bharta (eggplant) and mixed veggie dishes, along with white rice and garlic naan...oh, and of course veggie samosas....much smaller in size than the ones back in the States....about 1/3 of the size....and they are wrapped in a dough like tortilla and have a similar shape to the Arabic empanadas.

Restaurant Le Rajasthan
3 Rue Vallat
34000 Montpellier, France
04 67 66 29 75

For dinner we stopped at Tripti Kulai...an all organic vegetarian restaurant...we started with a mixed squash soup with parsley, I followed with a smoked tofu and quinoa vegetalienne (vegan) dish and my companion had a potato and veggie sausage dish called Gratinee Savoyarde (minus the reblochon cheese)....he also had a tea called Remede Elfique (elf remedy?) which we think might have caused him to feel a bit unusual after drinking it...and I had the Fontaine de Jouvence (fountain of youth) but I felt the same afterwards, just really full....and with no room for dessert :(
This restaurant is also associated with Sri Chinmoy, a spiritual master who has dedicated his entire life to serving humanity....to find out more about him please visit the following link: http://www.srichinmoy.org/francais/

Tripti Kulai
20, rue Jacques Cœur
34000 Montpellier
Tél :
04 67 66 30 51

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