Vegetarienne Experience in France Part 1

While in France we are visiting different restaurants, vegetarian when possible. The first night we arrived, we found "La Faim de Haricots" (which literally translates to "Hungry bean"), a vegetarian restaurant, buffet style, our kind of place....located in downtown Toulouse. We tried almost everything....so good we forgot to take pictures....I decided to go vegetarian that night and tried their savory tarts....with ricota and caramelized onions, délicieux!

On the weekend we visited 2 small towns, one of them called Cordes Sur Ciel, a fortified town built in 1222. After walking up the hill in the rain and exploring the little streets on top, we decided to have lunch at Auberge de la Cite, a little family owned restaurant up in the hills.
The dish consisted of a veggie medley and wild rice with an orange and a pineapple sauce. So sweet, so good!

The previous night we dined in Albi, another old town, dating back to the Bronze Age! I can not remember the name of the restaurant but I do remember that we got to order vegan food. Pasta with veggies and a veggie pizza....sans fromage (without cheese).

Back at the hotel on Sunday evening we prepared our own raw meal....I grated zucchini, chopped onions, garlic, red bell pepper, avocado and cashews...sprinkled lemon, added some olive oil, salt and pepper, yum yum! We brought some cooking utensils for the trip including: grater, knife, cutting board, tin containers and bamboo eating utensils....This way we can prepare some of our own healthy meals and don't have to always rely on getting restaurant food. Luckily, the hotel room has an electric tea pot that we can use to heat up water for tea and soup! Viola!

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