Soaked Quinoa Time!

While in France....and still living in a hotel without a kitchen (but only for another week)...I have been experimenting with soaking quinoa...and it's a lot simpler than I thought, just as long as I remember to soak it the night before...I have quinoa for the next day....

I fill up a jar half with the dry quinoa and half with water...rinse it, drain it, and then fill up the remainder of the jar with water again and let it sit over night....Note: besides traveling with a small mason jar, I recommend a small hand held colander for rinsing purposes....so that you don't loose any grains or seeds down the drain when you are rinsing them :(

The next day, I drain the water and rinse the quinoa once more....then it's ready to be mixed with dried fruits and honey for breakfast or ready to be wrapped up in a Nori sheet with raw veggies for lunch or dinner!!

I have been able to find yet another all organic (biologique in French) products store, this one much closer to the hotel....about a 1/2 hour walk....called Biocoop, their info is below....We have been really lucky to find organic food at most markets in France, big and small, chain stores and not....it seems to be much more accessible here than in Long Beach....but just as expensive or more.

301, av. de Grande-Bretagne
31300 Toulouse

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