La Crêperie du Midi

Last Sunday afternoon we were driving around starving....we had ventured off into this little town called Minerve and before we knew it it was past 2pm and the only restaurant open was not serving anymore food....we frantically went searching for food.....lucky enough we found a Creperie in St. Marcel near Narbonne.....as you can see below we took a break from our vegan selves and decided to enjoy some delicious crepes...two savory and one sweet....I wish I could remember the exact ingredients....but enjoy the pictures and imagine the filling you would want instead!

Carabanane Crepe (sugar and banana for sure, too much shantilly...whip cream)

Garden Crepe

ingredients?? fromage de chèvre???

We also had a cup of coffee....check out this cute cup/spoon set.....

And we also ordered some lemon verbena tea....another cute tea cup/pot set....

The creperie is located at: 2 Av. de Narbonne, 11120 St. Marcel, France near Narbonne
phone: +33 04 68 27 09 81
Could not find them online :(

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