Herbal Kitchen

Today I wanted to introduce you to a wonderful new book my sister and I ran into at our local library. It's called "Herbal Kitchen" by Kami McBride and it is a wealth of information and yummy recipes to incorporate the healing properties of herbs into our daily lives.

We're big fans of herbal medicine in my family, and this book seems to be the best complement to using those wonderful herbs in the kitchen.
Sure, I know it's good to add some astragalus to a soup in order to infuse the food with some kick-ass immune boosting goodness, but Kami McBride provides a refreshing recipe for astragalus apple juice for example. The drinks section alone sends me to "ooo" and "mmm" as I turn the pages... So creative, so delicious, so nourishing!

I highly encourage you to check your local library for this book, or if you're interested in glancing through it a bit just click to open and new tab and check it out!

Imagine the possibilities!!! and then make them :)


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