New Mexico Love!

During the holiday vacation, my partner and I traveled to New Mexico...along the way, we passed by small towns....we met this friendly goat right outside of a mountain town called Cloudcroft....unfortunately he was in a petting zoo (which I needed to cross through in order to use a restroom at the stop)....he immediately came up to me and started rubbing his head on mine....one of the sweetest goats I have met so far....

The picture below was taken in City of Rocks, also in New Mexico....along the trail we found a heart shaped rock and around the same area we found 2 deceased crickets... I then decided to stage a little love connection and placed them looking at each other in front of the heart....who knows what the next hiker will think of when she or he finds this love scene....though the display probably blew away not long after....it was so windy in the desert!

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