listen and talk, but mostly listen

I hope 2011 has started off well for all of you on the other side of the screen.
For me, the last 3 weeks have provided an opportunity to take some perspective on my life (my business, routines, goals, the here & now) which continues to unravel during this first week of the almanac...

Yesterday and today, in conversations and in reading, the subject of attentive and respectful conversation has come up. Although not inherently related to this, the topic of veganism tends to really try people's patience on both ends of the dialogue and I think it's always good to remind ourselves of the importance of equality in conversations (equality related to talking, listening, meaningfulness of the subject matter, respect, etc). Everyone should have a fair chance at saying their peace and should likewise listen to other's views with the same attention and reflection we all deserve.

Here is a link to an article recently published on the Veg Blog in case you'd like to read more about this subject relative to Animal Rights and Mormon Advocacy. It's sure to inspire you to have a talk with someone with radical views and share information in a safe and inviting manner.

wishing everyone light in this new revolution around our closest star; make it mean something!

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