I have a SCOBY and you should too

This past Wednesday night I went to a class at Leaf Restaurant called "Fun with Fermentation" where I learned a lot about some wonderful bacterial cultures that make delicious fermented foods possible. It was an excellent class, and what's more, I took home a SCOBY to make my own kombucha and some kefir grains to make my own kefir and yogurt from coconut and nut milks.

YUM for my mouth and GREAT for my tummy-- the benefits and unique flavors of fermented foods simply can't be beat!

Chef Rod Rotondi, owner of Leaf Cuisine, led the fermentation class and I truly admire his simple approach to raw & vegan food. I'm seriously considering taking his next class in a couple of days, and I know I'll be buying his book one of these days. It's just too good to pass up!

Hannah taught us all about kombucha at the beginning of the class, and I can say that I'm much more confident about making my own delicious brew now. She's a great resource for those looking to learn about this ancient elixir, sells SCOBY's and kits to make the process as easy as can be for beginners, while also offering lifetime email support :)

So, not only was the fermented food awesome but the hosts were incredibly charming as well. I hope you look into their websites and youtube channel to discover more about these bacterial companions and ways to incorporate healthy food into your everyday. It's not hard! Do it!

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