Wine + Apologies

Greetings all you Virtually Vegan Sisters followers! What a month it has been. I hate to sound so "cliche" but the Holidays really are a busy time! A couple years ago I took a vow of "No Presents" (I try my best not to give or receive any gifts) for any holiday. I rarely "get" anything from giving or getting gifts......so I wanted to hold that true and not participate in them. I make exceptions with "experiences" and booze! I lieu of a physical present I have no problem taking/or receiving someone for dinner, going to the theater, going to a concert, etc. I also never turn down a good bottle of wine!

Even with my No Present philosophy, the Holidays are still pretty hectic....but in a good way. This time of year I find myself spending more time with friends, family, and cooking in general. Those are all things I love! So I have (as I mentioned last week) lagged a bit on my VVS posts. That is where the "apologies" of my post title comes from.

And now for the WINE part. I was just offered a position as a Pourer at a new tasting room in Santa Monica. It is called Wine Expo and has been an existing wine shop on the Westside for years now......and 2 months ago they opened an adjacent tasting room. So I will be working there......starting tonight! The specialize in small producers, specifically Italian reds and sparkling. More details to come....but please feel free to come by and have a flight!

Wine Expo
2933 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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