Not Feeling Very Vegan

Greetings all my Virtually Vegan followers! Yes, I echo Crafty Vegan by saying that I too have taken an extended break from VVS. I have been definitely riding the leisure train for the last couple of weeks and really relishing in relaxing, enjoying my family, and getting into the Holiday groove.

On a similar note, I will say that I have been riding the leisure train in regards to veganism. Aside from my cooking, which is "usually" 100% vegan, I have been indulging (if that is the word) in whatever yumminess I see in front of me that others cook or at restaurants. That has included a lot of cheese and a lot of seafood.

I haven't been feeling "bad" about it either. I have really been making the conscious decision to eat these foods. I'm not sure what that means or what I should be feeling, but that is just what's going on. I will say though that I have been making some delish vegan dishes at home lately: Thai coconut soup, pumpkin curry, split pea soup, etc.

So for now, I'm living the life of moderation. Happy Holidays......till next week!

Foodie Vegan

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