Meatless Monday Recipes--make 2011 better than 2010!

Hi all,
I hope this chilly December has been treating you well and that your stomach has been enjoying the bounty and utter deliciousness of root vegetables as mine has. (Nothing like a big bowl of mashed potatoes to cheer me up!)

Being that it's the last Meatless Monday of 2010 I would like to challenge you to make a new year's resolution of sorts by making all your 2011 Mondays a day where you go veg and treat yourself to a scrumptious and nutritious vegetarian meal (vegan, if you dare).

What's more--you have tons of people on your side, ready to help you find great recipes that flatter the herbivore in all of us. Meatless Monday has a myriad of recipes to choose from, and you can even access them from our Virtually Vegan Sisters blog (thanks to blogger widget technology).

<----------Look! Recipes!

Just look to the left of this post for ever-changing veg recipes to keep you inspired every Monday of 2011!

Cheers to a bright and more compassionate new year!

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