busy beegan

I'm truly sorry for this delayed post but it's been such a busy week/month/season that my mind is out of the screen and into the world!
And, my world has involved lots of honey, actually...
which brings me to the topic of BEEgans. That's right--vegans that are A-OK with eating honey (from sustainable, responsible and small sources, of course). 

You can read more on this topic of veganism and honey consumption on the wonderful Native Foods Blog.
What I have to say about it is simple: bees are insects-not animals. So, the initial argument that honey is an animal biproduct is misleading. If we follow that logic and exclude "insect biproducts" in our diets and lifestyles there goes soil and pollinated vegetables and our entire agricultural experience as human beings. 
That being said, I do understand that what most vegans are opposed to is the fact that many bee operations are abusive, put bees under considerable and unnecessary stress, and have them pollinate pesticide-drenched crops leading to a doped colony and sub-par honey, etc. Therefore, the problem is the industry rather than the mere honey which is why I only buy and consume honey from small, local farms that respect the bees and their OWN need for their glorious gold goodness.  The honey is meant for their own, after all. But it's such a rich food for humans (medicinal! delicious! healthful! BEST sweetener option EVER) that completely doing away with (all forms of) it simply to call myself "vegan" is ridiculous to me.  That's why, I guess, I'm not vegan-- I'm beegan.

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