Simple Shoes-100% sustainable

I have been needing new tennis shoes for a while now. My old ones (non-vegan) officially FELL apart today. And how fitting that my Simple Shoes came in the mail today. They retail for approx $55 per pair, but I was able to find some on Ebay for $25 + $5 shipping. And they were only worn once!

Simple was recommended to my by Eco Vegan and my good friend in Georgia. I went online and checked them out. They have a great website and each of their pairs of shoes has reviews listed, which is super helpful. I wanted to make sure the shoes are sturdy enough for working out and can get wet in the rain.

Here are some of the materials used to make Simple Shoes (as per the top of my shoebox I received today).

Latex-is a natural rubber. It's easy to mold and provides lots of cushioning.

Recycled car tires-We collect used and landfill-bound car tires, cut them up, and use them as outsoles.

Bamboo-is an endless resource because it's so plentiful......it's super soft too!

Organic cotton-Our cotton is 100% organic.....that means no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or additives.

Water based glue-We use all water based glues. Better for the shoe makers and better for you.

Crepe-A natural rubber. It's tapped from the hevea tree.

Recycled inner tubes-We reuse rubber from landfill-bound car tire inner tubes on many of our shoes.

Hemp-Is soft and one of the strongest vegetable fibers available and it grows like a weed.

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