Meatless Monday: Banana Crumble

I'm a big fan of bananas in my smoothies, PB sandwiches, and as a snack but I'd never made a dessert with them besides the occasional banana bread (which I haven't perfected quite yet).
I sought a fabulous recipe from the fantastic Colleen Patrick Godreau (in The Joy of Vegan Baking) and I was surprised to find she didn't have one! Shock! Horror? Well, kind of, but then I saw she had something called "banana crumble," checked that I had all the ingredients and therefore decided to go for it.
It was AMAZING! Wowowow!

A combination of bananas foster and a pecan-oatmeal cookie, served alongside a generous serving of Tempt vanilla ice cream (made from hemp milk) of course... Seriously good eats.
I highly encourage you to do it next time you find yourself with a couple of overripe bananas. Simply slice them and arrange them in a cast iron skillet with a little bit of brown sugar. Then combine your basic crumble (oats, flour, earth balance, vanilla extract, etc) and bake until crispy on top and bubbling on the bottom. Serve warm or at room temperature. YUM!

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