Four Emergency Rescues

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Four emergency rescues. 18 desperate animals...

Your support is needed now to provide urgent care for 18 recently rescued animals.

• An all-white baby calf – just days old! – was found abandoned and left to die.

Donate Now• Fifteen broiler chickens were seized from an urgent cruelty
case at a small farm.

• An elderly 21-year-old cow was lying alone and suffering
for days with leg and hip injuries.

• A wounded chicken was dumped by the side of the road.

Farm Sanctuary’s Emergency Rescue Team moved in without hesitation, because when farm animals are suffering, every minute counts. But with four urgent rescues in such a short time, we are in need of donations right now for our Emergency Rescue Fund. We need the resources in place to care for these 18 new animals, along with other abused farm animals we have recently rescued.

Please help these and other needy farm animals by donating to the Emergency Rescue Fund now.

Elliot, a young calf less than one week old, was found alone and suffering in the woods after being abandoned or possibly falling from a transport truck. No matter how Elliot arrived there, this baby was motherless, scared and in urgent need of rescue.

Donate now to help Elliot receive the care and love all newborns need.

Your emergency support will also help Martha, who was used by a farm for breeding for 21 years. Martha arrived with overgrown hooves and injuries sustained from falling in a creek bed, where she suffered for days before rescue. Martha’s age, ailments and injuries will require her to receive special care to ensure she is able to live out the rest of her life in comfort and peace.

Please support our 2010 Emergency Rescue Fund to help care for Martha – and ensure we are ready to respond to the next emergency call.

Emergency Rescue TeamRecently, our phone rang with a desperate plea to save 15 young chickens who were neglected and suffering with no shelter at all. As “broilers,” these babies, already extremely large for their age, were slated to be slaughtered when full grown at about 42 days old, which is the industry standard. Now, with your help, these abused youngsters can live out their lives and receive treatment for parasites, leg conditions, broken bones, and more.

Please donate to Farm Sanctuary today to help ensure their full recovery.

We also need your urgent donation to help another special chicken, Viva, who was left for dead on the side of the road. When we found her, she was listless, covered with feces, and had a plum-sized wound under her wing. It will take more than a month of treatment for her painful injury to heal. But with your caring help, we know she can recover.

These animals will be given a second chance at life with your support. Your gift to the Emergency Rescue Fund at this very critical time will aid these and other very special individuals, who are counting on us for their survival.

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