Confessions of a Vegan... a.k.a. Vegans are People too!

I read a post about Vegan Confessions over on The Girly Girl Army blog and simply have to share it with you.

It's a very honest look at the guilt many people associate with a vegan lifestyle, and it's true that there are moments where we stray and that's perfectly acceptable. If your definition of vegan is limited to a 100% full-time, life-long commitment without the ability to forgive and move-on from a minor lapse in judgement, I'd say your in for a bad time. Instead, accept that mistakes will be made but that it's not the end of the world.

One small setback isn't going to keep me from fighting the good fight!

Some of the confessions I relate with:
“I still wear my wool sweaters. If someone asks, I say they are vegan.  Nobody knows the difference, and I still buy anything new entirely vegan.  Isn’t that greener anyway?” (reuse! reuse!)
“I cheated while I was pregnant.  All I wanted was an egg.  So I ate one.  Then I ate another. It was anti-climactic.  But I listened to my body.  Not planning on doing it again.” (I'm okay with eating eggs from chickens I can meet and greet)
“While in Italy with my Partner, I ate pizza and loved every minute of it.  I felt guilty, but I sat in the moment with it and enjoyed it.” (er...yea, traveling is tough)
“I have no intention of donating or selling my old leather shoes.  I’ll wear them til they have no more wear in them.” (all two pairs of them!)
“I bought sardines for my cat, and found myself eating the whole tin.” (in my case it would be anchovies...)

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