Vegan shoes?

For me, this sounds crazy. I have (for the most part) only considered my diet to be vegan. I haven't really addressed the other aspects of my life that I can veganize, except for makeup, which I looked into a few months ago.

As I was on my trip to Italy, it occurred to me that I need a new pair of tennis shoes. The ones I currently have were hand me downs from a friend about 3 years ago.....they have made it through numerous gym works outs, runs, climbing Macchu Picchu, and now hiking the Cinque Terre in Italy. On the hike though I realized that the sole is coming apart from the actual shoe. Alas, I need new tennis shoes.

And obviously, tennis shoes are 99.999999% full leather. Soooooo, I am wondering if I am going to be able to find a pair of non-leather tennis shoes that are sturdy, comfortable, and cute. I haven't done any research yet, but I am feeling like this could be difficult to find. The non-leather tennis shoes that I have seen are flimsy looking and look like the most they can make it through is a yoga retreat! Sooo.....I will be reporting as I do my research in finding a pair of great all-purpose tennis shoes that are kind to the animals:)


  1. Perhaps no model stands out from these options, but I wanted to share two possiblities:



    I LOVE my Simple Shoes--I've had two pairs made of the hemp fabric but I haven't tried any faux-leather or at least impermeable options.
    Happy shopping!

  2. I'm also a fan of Simple. Hemp fabric and sometimes recycled rubber. But, most definitely permeable.