The Future of Food

Recently I watched "The Future of Food" which is a documentary about, you guessed it, the future of food!  It goes into the topic of industrial agriculture from it's effect on family farmers, the land, the ecosystem and particularly the development of biotechnology and genetically modified food. 

There are many farmer interviews that aptly cover the various lawsuits over GM seeds/crops that have harassed countless farmers in the United States and Canada over the past decade or so. Also in the documentary they explain just how foods are genetically modified--how genes from a butterfly are inserted into a corn cell and so forth (not very precise and often scary considering the use of bacteria and viruses to damage the cell in order to 'infect' it with these alien genes)--which I knew a little about before watching the film, but now I have an entirely new perspective on the multiple and far-reaching effects this change in agriculture can have on our entire ecosystem. 

What if the 'suicide' gene from the GM vegetables we consume mutate to other species? Eek!

All this is to say that it's a film worth watching and to remind us that Nature has a very unpredictable track-record so it's best not to mess with the stuff she's perfected over the years because she could throw a tantrum (or does what she does best and adapt) and then we'll see where we stand!

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