Frozen: yay or nay?

The other day I was talking with my friend about frozen fruits and veggies (seriously, I'm 25 and this is what I talk about) and whether we were for or against them.  The core of the issue seemed to revolve around economics--his friend's family looked down on frozen produce as 'affordable' and 'lower class'- a comment at which we both scoffed.  Frozen fruits and vegetables are processed at the peak of ripeness (usually) so that much of the nutritional benefits are preserved.  I'll take frozen organic (emphasis on the organic here) corn kernels over mega-supermarket conventionally grown (aka: GMO, trucked thousands of miles and unable to develop the much appreciated sugar levels we so dream of with summer) corn on the cob ANYDAY.

There are, however, two major exceptions.

1) Frozen Spinach: both taste and texture is just off.  It was one of the protagonists in *the* worst meal of my life in beautiful Cuzco, Peru unfortunately and since then I can taste frozen spinach in whatever dish it's used. Steer clear, friends.

2) Frozen Mango: One of my top five favorite fruits, a fruit of the gods some would say (and I do), but frozen it's simply egh. The buttery texture is foregone and the sweet delicate trance is completely lacking; what's more it's bland and almost sour. I ran out of frozen blueberries last week (gasp) and had no bananas (double gasp) so I decided to make a delicious yet personally unconventional morning smoothie a la mango lassi. What came out of that blender was utter disaster and I blame it on the frozen mango, of course. I should've known better--It wasn't the first time, but it will definitely be the last.

Currently I'm loving frozen artichoke quarters. I saute them with summer squash, capers, and tomatoes with some lemon and white wine buttery (earth balance) sauce and then onto some noodles for a quick Mediterranean summer meal. Yum!

What frozen fruits and veggies do you love and which can you definitely go without?

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