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So a week ago tomorrow I returned from a wonderful 2 week trip to Italy. We visited Rome, Rimini (small beach town on the East coast, South of Venice), Venice, Cinque Terre (5 small towns on the Italian Riviera), Florence, and Chianti (where Chianti is made in Tuscany). The entire trip was remarkable.....Italy is EVERYTHING that you expect it to be. The highlights are definitely the people, the food, and the wine. The people are passionate, friendly, sensual, and just SO Italian. The food is fresh, colorful, flavorful, and also sensual. And the wine is sometimes simple, sometimes complex, yet always flavorful and a perfect companion to the food.

As I mentioned before I came, I was not eating a vegan diet while I was in Italy. I ate a lot of cheese and I found that a lot of things are made with eggs and/or butter. I also did something out of character and had meat a couple times. I ate proscuitto twice and had salami a couple of times as well. In regards to the meat, the flavor was still good to me, yet I can say that I didn't feel "great" about eating it. A lot of my beliefs and ideals were going through my head as I was eating it. I am definitely reflecting on that decision, yet I don't regret it.

The one last thing I will say about Italy is to speak of their reverence of just about anything; mostly food. The passion with which they treat food, talk about food, eat food, etc. is just incredible. And is in STARK contrast to how Americans do the same things. We eat food just to eat it, we eat fast, and we have absolutely no idea what is in our foods. Italians eat food slowly, savor it, eat a lot of it (in regards to a lot of courses), and usually know exactly what is in their food (because the ingredients are so fresh and simple).

So overall I did enjoy Italy and I LOVED the food I got to experience. It is making me rethink my own diet and what I put into my mouth. Italy was the birthing place of the Slow Food Movement......which is an interesting concept of which some I agree with and some I don't agree with. I'll discuss it in depth next week........Happy Wednesday!

The picture with this post is a picture of my boyfriend and I overlooking the Tuscan countryside in Chianti.......just lovely.

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  1. Good to hear an exciting and memorable trip to the land that displays the splendor of the past... and continues to welcome visitors from many tourists around the world...