Meatless Monday: Asian Tacos and Slavic Pitas

I love eating with my hands. Some cultures have perfected the portable meal by way of tortillas, pitas, and other flatbreads that can be loaded with deliciousness and flown into your mouth without fork or knife. Such things make life really good while they're in your hand, dripping sauce. I don't think I'm alone here... In fact, I know I'm not!

Being that it's summer I guess I should want to eat light meals of greens and stone fruit, but last week I honestly just wanted calorie-charged comfort food. Issue #1 I was craving mashed potatoes, Issue #2 there was half a head of green cabbage and a package of vegan kielbasa in the fridge. Something had to be done, something inspired by the Slavic tradition (or is it Polish, or Russian? I realized that I don't know anything about eastern Europe culturally speaking, but I do know they love potatoes, cabbage, onions and sausages). So, I baked a dish with sliced cabbage and red onions for about 30 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. When they started to caramelize I threw in the kielbasa and baked for another 20 minutes at 400 degrees. In the meantime, I worked up a decadent batch of mashed potatoes. So, by the end of the cooking sesh I had all the ingredients worked into a delicious (Slavic?) dinner, but I wasn't satisfied with the idea of using a fork, I wanted all the flavors together, at once, so I heated some pita on the stove top, added a little wasabi mustard and voila: slavic pitas were discovered, revered, and devoured.  I honestly can't speak highly enough of this meal, it was utterly perfect for my tastebuds and my need for comfort food that night. Mmm mmm mmm!!

And, as I said, I'm not alone on combining distant cultures through food as a daily practice. Our friends at A Vegan Cooking show did just that in their latest episode: Asian Tofu Tacos!

Don't forget that today is Meatless Monday--so join the nation in this awesome movement and get inspired in the kitchen! Forget the cookbooks tonight and just go for what you crave. Veggie meals are far from boring if you add some creativity to your cooking.

Nom nom!

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