How will I get calcium?

A common question asked by vegans and non-vegans about vegan diets.....here is an excerpt which answers that question and a little more, taken from Alicia Silverstone's latest book, The Kind Diet....

"A varied plant-based diet is packed with calcium-rich foods, including sea vegetables, leafy green, beans, nuts and seeds. By eating these foods, you will get more than enough calcium. Just as importantly, you will be abstaining from foods that steal calcium from your body-namely meat, dairy and white sugar- and it's these foods that play the biggest role in bone loss. Between adopting Kind Foods and steering clear of the nasty ones, not only will you get lots of calcium, your bones will gratefully hang on to it."

"Milk does not prevent osteoporosis: This is a particularly touchy subject. This is where we especially us womenfolk have been completely boondoggled. We've come to believe there is a straight line between milk and strong bones despite the fact that dairy-free countries have the lowest rates of osteoporosis on Earth. In fact, the more milk a population consumes, the weaker it's bones get. That's the real straight line. So why does this fallacy that milk is inextricably linked to strong, healthy bones persist so stubbornly? It's true that cow's milk does contain calcium, which is necessary for strong bones, but that's not the whole picture. Although milk offers calcium, it causes the body to release even more of it. It's like someone giving you $1000 but driving away in your car! So no matter how much your're getting, you're actually losing. Meat and dairy are the chief causes of osteoporosis, not the cures. There are tones of sources of calcium on a meat and dairy free diet and the calcium they contain is actually more readily absorbed by the body. Sea vegetables, sesame seeds, leafy greens, and beans all kick milk's butt."
"Regarding allergies and asthma, the human immune system recognizes milk from another species as an attacker or allergen that causes the body to go on red alert. This is why many people walk around with runny and stuffy noses thinking that is normal. But it's actually the body's own defense system tring to ward off a foreign invader."

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