How to Read Like A Vegan II from Veganalyst

I'm reposting this awesome post from Ryan aka Veganalyst.
Please check out his facebook for all his wonderful and insightful comments on veganism--I'm delighted to have him in my newsfeed! :)

"It's probably not much of a stretch to say that most omnivores don't quite understand how vegans see the world. The aim of this series is to bridge that gap.

A few weeks back, Emily Weinstein generated a far amount of buzz with her New York Times piece about
how awesome it is to boil animals alive. Here's how that article reads to a vegan:

Boiling the Labrador

I, on the other hand, had never put a live Labrador in a pot of boiling water before. [...]

"Have you ever hypnotized them?" Katharine said. It might minimize their pain as they entered the boiling water. [...]

After a minute, she flipped the Labrador up onto its head and paws. The Labrador, made still by the petting, was meant to balance upright on its own. It even sort of did, teetering on the base formed by its paws. [...]

Katharine put the bag in the freezer, a tip from another site, which said that it was most humane to numb the Labradors before cooking them. [...]

The water reached a boil, and we pulled the bag from the freezer. It was time. We stood beside each other at the stove. Katharine went first, lifting the lid and tossing a Labrador in. I had to do at least one, I’d decided, and so I grabbed the second and tossed it in. She flicked in the third, and I pressed the pot’s lid down to cover it. I stood there, holding the lid down, for several minutes.

“Do you think they’re dead yet?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said.

I lifted the lid. As if shielding itself from the intrusion of light, a Labrador raised up its paw. I clapped the lid back on.

We sat down about a half hour later to eat. And I did it, I put the Labrador in the pot.

Congratulations, Emily."

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