Story of Cosmetics

What's in your shampoo? And your deodorant? And your make-up?

Could it be a proven carcinogen or debilitating neurotoxin? How could you know either way?

Well, some awesome people have made it a point to hold the industry accountable this week and they're pushing for honest labeling and obviously a transition to non-toxic ingredients (good thing I already MAKE my own cosmetics and avoid the hazardous, animal-testing industry anyway!).

Please watch "The Story of Cosmetics" to learn more and find out how to demand change!

This informative and playful video was made by the people at "The Story of Stuff" so be sure to catch their original short documentary about the cycle of consumption, and then "The Story of Bottled Water" to finally ditch that plastic bottle and say hello to a wonderful reusable!

We can do it! Empower yourself with knowledge!

& Have a great weekend :)

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