Truffled Gnocchi with mushrooms, spinach, and sundried tomatoes

This is a wonderful recipe that I created with what I had on hand. I didn't have to go to the grocery store, I simply snooped around the fridge and pantry and came up with this meal on a whim! We actually took it with us to a picnic we went to at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. Yes, we picnic'd at a cemetary....it's LA, what do you expect!

*A note about gnocchi. Gnocchi can be made many different ways. Traditionally it is made with potatoes, flour, water, and egg. However, my grandmother taught me to make it with just flour and water. Depending on the # of servings you'd like, you boil a few cups of water. Once it comes to a rapid boil, turn the heat off and slowly start adding flour. It will first be hard to stir, but eventually it will incorporate. You want to add flour until it becomes a super thick paste. Thick enough that it isn't too sticky and you can work with it. Then you take tablespoonfuls of the dough, and roll it into a little ball. Take a fork and roll the ball over the fork to create a sort of oval shape with fork mark lines. Boil a large pot of water and add the gnocchi. Cook until the gnocchi float to the surface. Then continue with the recipe below.

1 large shallot thinly sliced
3 tbsp olive oil
1 cup of sliced fresh mushrooms (any kind will do)
2 tbsp fresh sliced sundried tomatoes (I like the kind packed in olive oil)
2 cups of fresh spinach
salt and white pepper to taste
1 tsp black (or white) truffle oil

Start by wilting the spinach. Put about 1" deep of water in a large saucepan, turn heat to high, add spinach, and cover for about 5 minutes. Drain water and squeeze all water out of the spinach. Roughly chop the spinach.

Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in a large skillet. Add the shallot and cook until translucent. Add mushrooms and cook until soft and dark in color. Drizzle in about 1/2 tsp of the truffle oil. Add the spinach and sundried tomatoes and stir to combine. Add salt and pepper to taste and allow to cook for about 2-3 more minutes. You can add the remaining tbsp of olive oil if necessary. Add the gnocchi and lightly toss. Remove from heat and drizzle with remaining 1/2 tsp of truffle oil. Bon appetit!

**Note that this recipe will be equally as good without the truffle oil. I have a friend who went to Italy a couple months ago and brought me a bottle back, so I use some here and there as a splurge, but in no way is it a necessary component of this dish.

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