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Okay, I have a confession to make. I've watched the entire first two seasons of 30 Rock in the last week (while working on my art, yes, but still that's a whole-lot of "TV" watching! and I didn't watch season 3 because I've been following it as it aired). So, as is completely natural, I've developed a harmless crush on Alec Baldwin. Not a true crush, more like a prince-charming-swoon and it's actually quite fortunate considering he's a hard core vegetarian.

He is very vocal about his beliefs and his knowledge on the subject of animal rights (from vivisection, to industrial farming, to Michael Vick's dog-fighting) and he narrated the Meet Your Meat video that PETA promotes so widely (because he has the voice of a god, naturally...).  I don't care to know about his personal life, to me he's more similar to his character on 30 Rock, but I was thrilled when I realized that he was veg and that I could blog about my secret...hehehe.

Please check out this article that he wrote for the Huffington Post regarding Michael Vick and Animal Rights. It's great that such a successful actor is lending his fame to our righteous cause. And, yea, his looks don't hurt either...

le sigh,

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