diet? what's that?

Being that summer is around the corner and staring my pale legs down I want to bring up the subject of weight loss.
For many women, it seems that around this time of year they feel a sudden urgency to "watch what they eat" and what not, but I want to just say all that is nonsense. Forget the whole discussion about female empowerment and different body types, I'm talking merely about food. Just eat plants. That's it!  And not as a trend, not for a month, but for your entire life: just eat plants and you'll be oh so happy with yourself.

My coworker and I were discussing the delicious organic produce we get delivered to our office, and she mentioned that she really wanted to buy some yummy potatoes this week but that she has to 'watch what she eats' and 'shouldn't eat any of that'... I laughed. I shouldn't have but I couldn't help it. "Potatoes?" I said in disbelief, "You're not going to eat potatoes because you want to lose weight?" Oh no honey, that's not the issue. Just eat plants and you won't have a need to watch what you eat... it won't even cross your mind! Potatoes are NOT the enemy! Meat and dairy provide the most amount of fat to our western diets, not to mention all that processed crud people so happily shovel in their mouths... what does a harmless potato have to do with these villains?

My problem is lack of exercise, not diet, so this weekend I hope to move around enough to work off any extra calories from my recent love affair with beer and keep it up throughout all the seasons!

Here's to potatoes, beer, and shakin' it!

Happy weekend!

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