Compassionate Cooks

Compassionate Cooks is a the website of Mrs. Colleen Patrick-Goudeau, vegan educator extraordinaire.
This woman is pretty much single-handedly responsible for my decision to become vegan. I was on a week long business trip and took public transportation to work which gave me 1-2 hours each day to do something with my mind while I walked or rode the bus...Fortunately, I had recently discovered Colleen's podcast "Vegetarian Food For Thought" while browsing the iTunes store. I honestly had no interest in veganism, but I came across it, listened to an episode about lifestyle diseases and decided to keep giving it a try.  the information was interesting and above all I had never really heard anything convincing about vegetarianism, it seemed like this lady could offer something that was otherwise lacking... Moreover, I had no intention to become vegan. At the time I was a self-professed Flexitarian, very unaware of the variety of political, ethical, nutritional, compassionate reasons behind a vegan lifestyle.

Podcast by podcast Colleen helped me uncover the sides of the meat and dairy industries I would've never imagined, she taught me about vitamins and minerals, about vivisection, about bycatch, and most importantly she RE-sensitized me, which is to say she reconnected me with a part of my consciousness that understood how illogical it is for an animal lover such as myself to also eat animals--after all, what IS the difference between a cat and a calf, a duck and a dolphin? Why are some species chosen by society to be unworthy of respect, heinously abused and then violently slaughtered while others have designer leashes and beds in a cozy human home? 

Some may call Colleen extreme, and she is, but thanks to her extreme passion she has found the strength to educate countless people. She really empowers us to continue questioning what we're told is a given, and knows what it's like to have your heart break a million times over only to clean yourself up and keep pushing for justice and knowledge.

I was so happy that yesterday in her "Soup to Nuts" member newsletter she actually featured my etsy shop! I don't know how it happened, I'm sure she doesn't know I'm a member or the effect her work has had on my life, but I felt giddy like a child. And here all I'm doing is making calendars and greeting cards... ah well, I'll save the animals soon enough!

All the best,

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