CA license plates save lives!

Did you know that half a million (!) potential pets are killed every year in the state of California alone? Did you know there's an easy way all of us can help lessen that number?

Judie Mancuso has started a non-profit, Social Compassion,  who’s primary goal is to see spay and neuter happening at a level to combat the overpopulation and killing problem. She has developed a way to do this by simply getting a Spay/Neuter Licence plate

I found out about this through the Native Foods blog which said: "To note, all the proceeds of the spay plates will go only to municipal governments to be spent on vouchers, clinics, and vets NOT overhead or operational…ONLY SURGERIES. 
Watch a video about it.
They cost $50 for sequential plates and $98 for personalized plates. We need 7500 pre-orders to begin production so spread the good word!"

And that's what I'm doing, so I hope you tell Californians in your life about it too!

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