Review of Green Leaves in West Hollywood

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking my hungover self to dinner at Green Leaves in West Hollyoowd. It was a business meeting though, so I had to behave myself!

This is a great little find. It is a small, clean, and airy place in a strip mall in West Hollywood. When I was given the menu, I couldn't believe how many things were on the menu......and they were ALL vegan. The menu is the type where every item is numbered, and just to give you an idea of the extensiveness (is that a word?) of the menu, there are 102 items to choose from!

I opted for the Rock and Roll noodles: Pan fried wide rice noodles, tofu, chili sauce, basil leave, tomato bell peppers, bean sprouts & special house jalapeno sauce. This is their signature dish and was a wallet-friendly $7.95. This would have EASILY been 2 full servings, however, in my hungover state, I was able to polish it off in one sitting. The flavors were incredible and it felt like such fresh and flavorful food.......what food should really taste like. Also of note, is that they have a billion choices for those of you that want to eat some processed vegan food.......they have soy everything (cheese, beef, chicken, fish, etc) and their menu pretty much can replicate any non-vegan item you could possibly want.

Their website is www.glvegan.com......please check them out!

Green Leaves
8351 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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