It's Easy Being Vegan

Lately I've been pondering moving very far away to a place that unfortunately boasts a diet about as opposite from vegan as one can get. Even though my reasons for choosing this place have nothing to do with food, I slowly realized that this is something I'm going to have to seriously take into consideration. It's my life, my passion, and at this point, my identity. I know you can be vegan anywhere, but I started to look around my kitchen and came to notice all the vegan conveniences I take for granted, that are readily available at my co-op, Trader Joe's, etc, but that will be completely impossible to 'pick-up' outside of the country. 

What now? Can I live without the security of Earth Balance in the fridge, Non-Dairy amazing Ice Cream (TEMPT, Coffee Biscotti, go pick it up, it's fantastic) in the freezer, coconut milk and chia seeds in the pantry?

It would be a challenge, maybe even a fun one, but as of now I am feeling very very fortunate to have such great vegan products stocked plenty on the shelves of my neighborhood grocer for someday I'll have to make do without them...

What specialty product are you grateful for?

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