Flex it

Ladies and Gentlemen, Can I just express how thrilled I was to learn that Mario Batali (yep, Mr. Iron Chef himself) has joined the Meatless Monday bandwagon? I mean, the man has 14 restaurants (14!) and is going to be offering special vegetarian dishes at all of them for this awesome cause. Isn't that wonderful? 

And you know what else is great? Opening your mind, allowing your ideas to be challenged and your knowledge to grow even if it's done in baby steps. So today I want to give it up for all the flexitarians out there! Because the effort does count and it's a step in the right direction.

One of my coworkers gleefully recalls the last holiday party I attended (2008) when I proclaimed my flexitarianism while loading my plate with some very non-veg items. Looking back I can be embarrassed by my unabashed "flexing" but the truth is I didn't know any better, I knew very little about the important reasons people have to living a veg lifestyle and I can't reproach myself for that. Once I learned, I adapted, and now I couldn't be happier and at peace with my daily decisions.

Finally, for all you flexitarians or wannabe's, here's a video I found that gives a good insight into the many reasons to change: http://www.veganvideo.org/

Happy week!

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