Almond Milk Recipe

(Homemade almond milk, 1000ml)

For the past few weeks, my boyfriend and I have been making almond milk from scratch and it's been delicious! We use it for breakfast and cooking. I am not sure if we have shared this recipe yet on the blog, so here it goes.....along with some math. You may also use other nuts for this recipe, such as walnuts and cashews.

(Almond meal left over after making milk)

Almond Milk Recipe
1 cup of almonds (soaked overnight, optional: peel skin after soaking)

Place almonds in blender and fill the rest up with water, all the way to the top (my blender holds about 1400ml). Blend, blend, blend. Drain milk into a container using a tight weaved strainer or cheesecloth. Use the left over almond meal (left inside the strainer) when baking, in sauces, sandwiches, in your breakfast or with any other food that comes to mind. My sister uses it when she bakes bread!!

We buy almonds in bulk, about $4.99 a pound. The recipe calls for 1 cup of almonds, which weighs about 6-7 oz = $1.87-$2.18. A carton of almond milk contains 946ml and costs from $1.69-2.59 depending on where you shop. The recipe below makes about 1000ml and costs, as mentioned above $1.87-$2.18.

(magazine holder made from used milk cartons)

Personal Opinion
In regards to the cost, there is not much difference in making the milk yourself or buying it already made. What makes the difference for us is that we are not consuming the packaging, therefore not having to recycle it or throw it away (depending on the recycling policies in your city). The less things to dispose of the better! We do however keep some back up almond milk in cartons just in case we do not have time to make it ourselves or forgot to soak the almonds the night before. Convenience sometimes does take over!! I then wash and save those cartons and make crafts such as magazine holders and bags at art events with kids or with myself! If you are interested in seeing more pictures or discussing more art ideas please do so. The more we share, the more we learn! My personal email micaelaas@gmail.com or you may visit my facebook page, search AldanaMica

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  1. The cost of the milk may be the same, but eliminating the numerous extra ingredients and preservatives is priceless. The fact that you still have the nutritious almond meal to use is just a vegan icing on the cake.