You say you want a revolution...

yea, you know, we all wanna change the world!

Ever since I can remember the majority of my diet has come from whole foods. My mom consistently cooked from scratch and I always took a sacked lunch to school rather than eat the cafeteria food or processed "lunchables." When I started cooking for myself it was only natural to continue in this fashion and I came to realize how fortunate I was to have been raised eating good quality food. Slowly I learned about the different food production industries and decided to be more conscious about the source of the whole ingredients as well. Next in my journey was educating myself about nutrition and I took a closer look at the meat and dairy industry and that is when I became vegan a little over a year ago.

But, I realize, this is not natural for many people. At least not in this country at this time.  The majority of the population seeks out pre-made meals, made from god-knows-what and god-knows-where, with minimal nutritional quality and maximum empty calories that inevitably cause widespread, lifelong disease.

It's as if the kitchen is a scary, boring, useless room in the home; its value restricted to freezers and microwaves (how sad!). I, on the other hand, could spend an entire day, everyday, in the kitchen but I can see how this would be extremely difficult for someone accustomed to processed food. Why bother when a meal is just a microwaved minute away?

And this issue is far-reaching; definitely not restricted to meat and dairy eaters; it's about FOOD. Good food. And the lack of it in the home, on your plate, in your school curriculum and cafeterias, at work, in affordable restaurants, everywhere.

The issue is so vast that it doesn't call for change, it calls for a REVOLUTION.

Vegan or not, I have always emphasized (and personified, I would like to think) that it doesn't matter what is on your plate, what matters is that YOU made it from scratch and that you know (or try to know) from where it came.

And, I got awesome people on my side; talented, charming and famous people that are reaching new audiences as we speak!

Ladies and gents, Jamie Oliver (from The Naked Chef, Jamie at Home) is such a brilliant man! I can hardly contain my happiness when I learned and watch the new program he's developed in this country. You'll laugh, you may cry, you'll swoon, you'll start saying "Peas," the possibilities are endless.

He's trying to change this countries relationship to food starting with one city, the unhealthiest in the USA. You can watch "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolutiononline or on TV, so don't miss it!
He also won the 2010 TED award and is currently asking for supporters of his cause to sign a petition.

I really hope you give it a shot and enjoy the show!
The revolution starts in the kitchen so get out your knife and cutting board... y que ¡viva la revoluci├│n!

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