If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don't.

Michael Pollan (author of such books as "The Botany of Desire," "The Omnivore's Dilemma," and "In Defense of Food") has come out with a new book this year, very appropriately called "Food Rules", in which he simply states general rules for people to improve their diets and, consequentially, their health.

You can read many of the rules and more about the book in his article here
I haven't read his books, and I know some vegans are fiercly against him in terms of his position on animals as food, but as I mentioned last week, I strongly believe in the need to change the way this country eats and anyone that helps inform and encourage people to eat whole foods is on my side, vegan or not.  Even if you don't agree with or cannot comply with all of his rules, take it as a personal challenge to bring one to fruition.

P.S. I recently watched the PBS video version of "The Botany of Desire" (in which the author participates) and it was fascinating (especially the bit about apples! I'll never look at those the same way). Highly recommended!


  1. Shhhh, don't tell the rest of the vegans, but I like Michael Pollans works. I believe that he gets people to think, and that is where it all begins.
    Colleen Patrick-Goudreau calls him an excusitarian, and I think that might be an appropriate nick name.

    But I agree with you about him!