Get to know your food and your farmers!

I have had a love affair with farmer's markets for years now. The quality, atmosphere, and fresh air simply cannot be beat! Before I used to buy a lot of my produce there, but would still frequent the regular megamart for all other foods.  When I became vegan however I started buying pretty much EVERYTHING from the farmers market and I wouldn't change a thing.   I am able to ask the producers/farm representatives anything about their products (organic? certified? how was it grown? what variety is this? what the hell is this vegetable?) and base my diet (it is practically ALL veggies after all) on quality produce.  That's why I think it's a requisite for a person eating a healthy vegan diet to go to their local farmer's market whenever they can (some places don't have the blessed year-long markets like we do in CA, I realize). It's important to eat good food no matter what diet you follow, but when all you eat are plants it's great to know that you're buying the freshest, tastiest, most nutritious plants you can get your greedy little hands on.

And why is that? Thanks to small farms and the wonderful farmers that devote their lives to growing good food. 
So, please do me a favor and go to a farmer's market this weekend and talk with the person on the other side of the stand. It'll make the whole experience a little sweeter!

This is Farmer Shawn from Out of Step farms who provides amazingly delicious produce in the Santa Barbara County (Fri-Montecito Market, Sun-Goleta Market, for delivery, and at the IV Food Co-op)
Photos courtesy of David Andrew Montano via Facebook

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