Foodies Vegan-One Year Later

Hi everyone. So I have been virtually vegan now for just under a year or so. And I have been vegetarian for just over a year. As Eco Vegan blogged about yesterday, cheating has been a part of my life here and there. Today, it was DEFINITELY a part of my life. I had a part of a shrimp 'po boy for dinner......and it wasn't even that good! A total disappointment and not even worth the cheating guilt. Though sometimes I can attest that the guilt has been worth it.......for example, I once had an insanely good affogato (vanilla bean ice cream with a fresh cup of espresso poured over it).

But overall I can say that one year later I am very happy with my decision. I feel like I have gotten so creative with food and have really enjoyed shopping for food and cooking in the kitchen. It becomes a sort of a game to veganize a favorite dish or to try out a new recipe. Not to mention the incessant following of our vegan idols (i.e. Colleen Patrick-Goodreau). And my weekly trips to the farmers market or receiving my CSA box at my door, has also created a new fun area of my life.

I also will say that I now, more than ever strongly identify with all of the vegan ideals. I believe that being began is best for my health, I believe in striving for animals rights, and I believe that our planet will be healthier for every new vegan in the world. One thing I will say that has changed in my beliefs since I started engaging in the vegan lifestyle, is the idea of locavorism being a food model for people. I really identify with all the locavore ideals, except the blatant omission of compassion for animals. That part does not sit well with me.

I just wanted this blog to be a simple "check in" to be present to my decisions and what I'm doing in my life. It's always good to do that every once in a while so that you can be sure that your actions are still matching your beliefs.

Happy Friday!

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