Chili Addiction

I love chili. I have always loved chili. Something about a big pot of steaming, warming chili just warms my heart. Even when I ate meat, I always preferred meat-free chili. Somehow I prefer the earthiness of the veggies and beans all slowly cooked in one big pot. Last Thursday night my boyfriend and I decided to have a little date night and go to a quick dinner and see a movie (Hot Tub Time Machine was the selection......the jury is still out.......but I did laugh a lot). Since we were limited on time, we weren't able to go to a traditional sit down dinner, and it was then that I remembered that a restaurant called Chili Addiction had just opened up less than a mile from our house. And I got this information from Quarry Girl, a local LA vegan blogger, who I think all the Virtually Vegan sisters read regularly. You can check her out at www.quarrygirl.com.

Chili Addiction is a fabulously red restaurant (that just means that when you go there.....everything is red, including the walls!). As you can imagine, their specialty is chili. They serve up over 47 varieties, 10 of which are vegan. Most of you are wondering how they could possibly make up 47 varieties of chili on a daily basis, well, they don't. They rotate their menu weekly, and when we went, they had 8 chilis offered, 2 of which were vegan. I opted for the "Hom-onious Chorizo" chili, which they describe as: soy chorizo, with Hominy, and you cook it with Johnny's secret blend of spices and...Presto..a perfectly harmonized, savory, and full textured 100% VEGAN CHILI!

We got the chili over nachos......they served us tortilla chips with chili, daiya shredded cheese, salsa, and onions on top. We also got a side of their homemade saurkraut (grandma's recipe) and smothered that on top as well. All that for $8.

Overall our Chili Addiction experience was a good one. The two gentlemen behind the counter were extremely friendly and offered us samples, and details about all the menu items we asked about. Please do them (and yourself!)a favor and visit the store and try out their chili.....I can assure you, you won't be disappointed! -Foodie Vegan

Chili Addiction
408 N. La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 203-1793

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