How bad is cheating? Does the severity of the accusation depend on the item consumed (eather vs. eggs) or the reason behind the act (hunger vs. "cute shoes!")? 

I've been thinking about this because lately I've been a pretty bad "vegan," if we're trying to be strict on the definition.  It's really only been in terms of food -my one true love- and due to stress.  A bit of feta in my veggie burger Monday, a couple of amazing traditional biscotti brought from Tuscani by a coworker yesterday, and such is my life.

I know some vegans who believe it is a mortal sin to not be consistent. And yes, the argument can be made for the fact that we are humans and we tend to err occasionally. But my question stems from the moral weight of the issue...Should I feel guilty? How guilty? And then, why? Why feel guilty?

My lifestyle, the vegan choices I have made are my own. I feel like I should be proud of the decisions I make everyday to live a vegan lifestyle and not focus on the unavoidable egg in the biscotti when I really want to have one.
I know we're all free to make our own choices and no one is going to hold this against me, so I'm really writing this post as a catharsis, to try to relieve myself from a bit of this guilt I carry around everytime I 'step on the stick'* a little.

Do you experience difficulties when face to face with non-vegan delights? Do you give in every once in a while? Whether you do or don't, how do you then feel about it?

here's to honesty,

*step on the stick is my translation of "pisar el palito" which is one of my mom's many sayings... it means breaking the rules a touch.

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