A case for locavorism

Greetings! This is a very short article that I read in my VegNews newsletter and I think it brings up a lot of good points. I am constantly thinking about the push/pull relationship between veganism and locavorism. This article discusses that "issue". Though I think the 2 can coexist and coexist harmoniously. I definitely look at myself as more of a vegan than a locavore. It's just what I identify with more. But I do think that there is a lot of validity in locavorism and really am striving to eating more locally. I am trying to not eat any veggies/fruits that are not available at my Farmers Market. But I will admit that it's hard, because I am SOOO used to tomatoes, for example, year round! So I'm learning to be patient and getting excited when something "debuts" at the Farmers Market!! Enjoy the article below. Cheers....Foodie Vegan.



  1. Living in Long Beach it is possible to eat tomatoes year round. I grow them up until January. However I embrace seasonal eating. Education is key. I'm always floored when I see dormant gardens in the fall.

  2. Adriana, I totally agree. I'm in Santa Barbara right now and bought 3 beautiful tomatoes today at the farmer's market (at $4/lb-Ouch!. Also, there's a plant growing (albeit slightly neglected) in my office's patio area that already has pea-sized tomatoes growing. I love California!