Vegan Dinner in Milwaukee

So today I found myself starving in Milwaukee! What is a vegan girl to do! I was with my colleague, who is NOT vegan and nowhere near vegan. Also, she is the checkbook, so we are sort of at her whim, but luckily she is supportive of my lifestyle choices and always keeps me in mind. Granted, in downtown Milwaukee, the bulk of the restaurants are "steakhouses" and what I like to call "good old American restaurants". So I called the Capitale Grille, which is an upscale steakhouse chain that is right across the street from our hotel. The hostess was very accomodating and said that the chef would gladly cater to my vegan needs and even had tofu on hand that he could prepare to my liking. Normally, I don't like to patronize those types of restaurants, but you don't always have a good alternative option.

We arrived and had a wonderful waitress named Sophie. She suggested a Capitale Chopped Salad, which was a wonderfully flavorful chopped salad of lettuce, radishes, asparagus, celery, artichoke hearts, corn, etc in a green olive dressing. For my entree I was able to "design your own tofu". I ended up with a sesame ginger glaze over my pan fried tofu with a side of sauteed roasted toamtoes, asparagus, baby broccili, and mushrooms in the same glaze. It was delicious. Sophie also rcommended an EXCELLENT pinot noir (Belle Glos Meromi, Sonoma Coast, Pinot Noir '08) that was just delectable with my dinner. Dessert was a black currant sorbet and an incredible biscotti sliver that I am not 100% sure was vegan, but it was delicious.

Overall, I would say a very successful vegan meal in Milwaukee. That's Algonquin, you know.

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