A short and sweet little word of advise....EAT!!!!

Howdy! Today's post is going to be short and sweet....Yesterday I was hanging out with a friend and discussing vegetarianism/veganism. She mentioned to me that one of the reasons she broke down and started eating animals again was because she was hungry all the time. I do agree about the hunger and it's something that I have experienced myself. When we eat more veggies and good wholesome food overall, our bodies are working better, more efficiently and are able to digest food faster than when we ate animals. Animal flesh takes hours and hours to go through our bodies, making them work harder than they need to. In my case, I have been known to eat a lot of food at once...I have a big appetite....and now that I am vegan I eat more than I used to and I have not lost a pound or gained one. Everyone's bodies are different, so listen to your body and if it's asking for more food, eat!! or try drinking water because we sometimes mistake thirst for hunger.

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