NY Restaurant Review-Spring Street Natural

This week I had the opportunity to check out a vegan-friendly restaurant for dinner. It was the very pleasant and very welcoming, Spring Street Natural, which is in SoHo. The menu is an ecclectic mix of cuisines with one thing in common: natural, fresh, organic, and sometimes vegan ingredients.

They start you with a basket of their fresh, homemade rosemary tomato bread that is to die for! We opted to start with the vegetable spring rolls which were brought to the table with a wonderfully tangy dipping sauce. These were definitely the highlight of my meal, and clocked in at an impressively affordable $6. In regards to entrees, they had about 3-4 vegan choices. What I LOVED about this restaurant is that everything that is vegan is delineated with a "v" on the menu.....makes my life so much easier! I opted for the rice and vegetable dinner. It was a hearty serving of brown rice with tahini, black beans, tofu, seaweed, and mixed vegetables. I really enjoyed everything except for the seaweed (too fishy for my taste) and the kale. The dish had mixed steamed vegetables: cauliflower, broccoli, squash, and oddly included what I believe was raw kale. It didn't fit the dish.....it somehow felt like they tried to throw a kale salad on my plate. Weird. Other than that it was great. At a very vegetarian-friendly spot, I was surprised that the dish wasn't perfect (especially since it was so simple), but I was grateful to have options and also have it be budget friendly at $12.50 for the entree.

Till next week! Foodie Vegan

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