Meatless Monday Idea: PIZZA!

Whew, it's Monday already and before you know it you'll be wanting to pick up the phone to order dinner--but wait! There's a simple way to be prepared for this inevitable day when you don't feel like spending much time in the kitchen, and it's as custom as it gets:
Keep a ball of pizza dough in the fridge (available at grocery stores, or ask your favorite pizza place if they'll sell you one, it can even be the raw variety to keep it super-healthy). 

When you don't feel like cooking, simply prepare the dough (roll it out, cut open the plastic seal, whatever), preheat the oven, and layer fresh veggies and herbs to your heart's content.  Be creative, this is a great way to consume lots of veggies in one meal.  Even though it takes some getting used to I highly recommend not adding cheese--seasonal, organic vegetables will provide tons of flavor and none of the fat or digestive-sluggishness.

I particularly love fresh tomato, basil, and garlic combo (Pizza Margherita, named after an Italian queen) but make it with whatever you have on hand--even leftovers (mashed potatoes + rosemary are great toppings)!

Get creative! and have a great week

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  1. Yummy! mashed potatoes and rosemary topping, who would have thought! do you know where to get the raw variety of dough?