Free Tilikum!!

Tilikum has been a captive killer whale at Sea World since 1983, captured when he was 2 years old. About a month ago he took one of his trainers, shook her around and dragged her into the water where she drowned. This is a horrible incident and hopefully it will be one that we can learn from. The link below is an article that was written right after this unfortunate incident, along with a petition. I also wanted to share some more current information, as to what is happening in Tilikum's life now.....is he finally free in the ocean where he should have been all along? But, I am sorry to say I could not find any.....hopefully you can!! and hopefully he is free!


  1. i heard apes that were raised by humans(used either as pets or for use in entertainment) through much of their lifetime arent usually released into the wild because they havent developed the proper social skills and natural instincts to survive in that kind of environment. when rescued, they are taken to shelters, although an improvement over their previous environments, it is still some form of human captivity. i dont think the case with tilikum will be much different. he'll never be released into the ocean but hopefully he'll be taken to a more open area and freed of his unnecessary duties

  2. I agree. Hopefully they will give him a nice home where he will not have to perform tricks and possible hurt more humans in the process.