Foodie Vegan-The Truth as Her Boyfriend

Hello all. Today I did something a little unconventional.....I am letting my boyfriend be a guest blogger. He expressed some interest a couple of weeks ago......and what better day than Wildcard Friday to make his debut! I will warn everyone that he is NOT vegan, or really even Virtually Vegan. He has reduced his meat and animal product consumption because of my lifestyle though, which is a drastic improvement. I will also say that there is some here that I agree with and some here that I do NOT agree with:) But isn't that the beauty of relationships?

The truth is as her boyfriend, even though she will never admit it, I believe I can take full responsibility for “Foodie Vegan” becoming a vegan in the first place. After a long weekend of Argentine meat and potatoes, we decided to go vegetarian for a month. Now when I say meat and potatoes, I’m talking about a mouth watering asado (Argentine BBQ galore) done by the master chef himself, the vegan sister’s father, Daddy Meat bucks! Now after you ingest tons of chorizo, steak, and the rest of that glorious mooing animal and gorge on homemade pasta and pizza you feel disgusting. So that weekend is what I believe led to the inevitable VEGAN assault on life and my kitchen. I mean, at the time it sounded like a brilliant idea. No full stomach and no constant urge to lie down and do nothing but complain, “I’m so full, uhhhh!” If any of you out there know who I am, then you know that this observation isn’t that far from the truth. I mean when you grow up eating brisket, Hollywood sandwiches from Nate & Al's, In & Out Burgers, and macaroons from your overly Jewish mother, then you end up gaining some kind of dependency on animal flesh. I can’t say I have stopped eating meat, but I have definitely learned about other ways to curb the addiction of ANIMAL. There are those times though, when you just need a good meat burrito or burger. After a night of boozing, what else is there besides a “Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger!”

Over this past year as an outsider to this world of animal awareness, kitty parties (yes I said it, these girls have gone goo goo ga ga for fur balls), and living a more Earth-friendly lifestyle I realized it isn’t that bad. I think I can live off a diet of tempeh tacos, coconut rice and curry, and homemade sushi. The food definitely has a more bland taste, but living in the South made me realize anything is better with some Red Rooster! What baffles me is everything else that goes into being a vegan. The homemade herb contraptions, the alternatives, and the constant fight for animal rights. Although it’s all good intentions, why can’t we all come to a happy medium? If the Indians of America could live a spiritual life and only take form the land what they needed, why can’t we? Treat animals with respect as we would treat one another. I mean, I’m not going to go milk my sister, but I have used her before. She did my homework for me in junior high, I used her, but I didn’t kill her. If I can go milk a cow and use them for a good cold beverage, why do I have to drink almond milk?

Overall, I see what the goal is, and how extreme people can get. My opinion is that there is no black or white! Everything is negotiable, everything is compromise, and there is give and take on every subject out there. Our society has learned (at least my generation) that everyone has a voice and a reason. I see how wrong it is to kill a cow out of sheer greed for meat, and why waste a chinchilla’s life just to look like you’re important? But there are ways to enjoys things you love in life and help the plants and other things. Even the vegan’s aren’t perfect! Everyone has one guilty pleasure, be it a burger, burrito, or pretty shoes. Just appreciate what you love and use it in moderation. I pose this question to all you vegan people out there, if you were stranded on a island, and you had to survive for 6 weeks and you only had water what would you do? The island was surrounded by water and the only company you had was your mother and a cow. Would you crack after your stomach takes over the thoughts of your brain?

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