cheese is cheese is cheese?

Hi friends,
Yesterday a vegetarian friend of mine brought up the subject of human breast milk cheese. You read that right. Pregnant or previously pregnant ladies pumping their milk and making it into cheese.
What's your reaction to this? Does your face tense up like you're sucking a lemon or are you completely at peace with the idea?

I ask simply because it's an issue not many people think about yet many of the reservations people have related to it are completely hypocritical when translated to cow's milk and cheese.

Both have to be pregnant to develop and maintain good quality milk.  Both are mammals (duh) and as such sentient beings with feelings of pain, pleasure and motherhood. Both long to have their youngin' suckling at their breast to take in this sacred food. So, what's the difference?

Think about it, I want to know your thoughts on the matter since I think it's hugely important if we are consumers of cow-goat-sheep-dog-human milk on a daily basis.

merci beaucoup

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