Animal Acres and Ethiopian Vegan Food Experience

Hola!! This past weekend our family took a trip to Animal Acres (pictures above). A farm animal sanctuary located in Acton, CA. The visit and tour were so great. We got to hang out with chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigs, bulls, sheep and goats. They have such personalities. The chickens were totally checking us out and were not so into petting...unlike some of the turkeys who were so sweet, and the goat were more like dogs...pet me all the time!! We shared good laughs and at the end of our visit we felt very happy. Afterwards we went out to a late lunch to an Ethiopian/Vegan restaurant located in LA. We tried many new foods and flavors, and got to eat with our hands!! Definitely would like to repeat that experience in the near future. I have shared some pictures above along with the links (below) to both Animal Acres and Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Restaurant.

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